Improving neonatal nutrition and growth

For an optimal start in life

The Challenge

Neonatal Nutrition

Despite growing awareness and modern neonatal care, NICU patients, especially preterm, surgical and cardiac patients are at high risk of poor nutrient intakes, poor growth and suboptimal health outcomes.

Using an adequate tool for monitoring and optimizing nutrient intakes is an efficient way to save time, money and facilitate daily work with nutrition calculations while also increasing the enthusiasm for neonatal nutrition. Computer-aided nutrition decision support has repeatedly been shown to benefit quality of life of the preterm infant.

Our Solution

The Nutrium Software

Nutrium has proven to be a valuable tool for both clinicians and researchers, benefiting society and healthcare systems in the long-term through both scientific discoveries and the minimization of short- and long-term disabilities. Personalised nutrition takes neonatal care to the next level, benefiting the infant, the clinic, and the hospital.

With a growing understanding of the importance and long-term impact of early nutrition, Nutrium offers a cost-effective solution to nutrition calculations and quality improvement, giving the preterm infant the best possible start in life with regard to nutritional intake.

“Nutrium makes my daily work much easier. I have worked with different nutritional prescription programs, but never with one as well designed as Nutrium."

Dirk Wackernagel


“Nutrium is a great tool for ensuring optimal nutrient intakes according to the European guidelines for preterm enteral and parenteral nutrition

Magnus Domellöf


“Since we started using Nutrium, we have a much better overview of our children’s nutritional intakes and growth”

Ulla Cerderholm



Nutrium – The way to the future!

Nutrium was mentioned in a Czech journal!

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