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Our Vision

“At Trients, we strtive for a world where all newborn babies receive the chance of an optimal start in life."


Trients AB is a Swedish company specialized in nutrition decision support software. We promote, customize and support the Nutrium software internationally. We work hard to make nutrition prescription tools available worldwide, shedding light on the importance of individualized nutrition and the cost efficiency of computer-aided nutrition.

Our Mission

With our work, we strive to call attention to the importance of individualised nutrition and early nutrient intervention as well as the positive impact of optimized nutrition on babies, families and society. Great progress in neonatal care has improved survival rates of preterm infants significantly, ensuring good quality of life after hospitalization and without disabilities has therefore become increasingly more important.

Our mission at Trients is to cooperate with NICUs to minimize inequalities in neonatal healthcare and to help every newborn baby in the world to start their life with optimal nutritional conditions. Assuring good health after hospitalization brings great value not only to the individual patients and their families, but also creates societal value through a healthier and stronger population.


Sustainability is one of our key values at Trients. We strive to create societal, economic and environmental value, benefitting everyone included. Being scientifically proven, the Nutrium software reduces the risk of complications and long-term disabilities for preterm infants such as ROP and BPD, improving healthcare standards and increasing the chance of a better life for the patient. Malnutrition of preterm infants during early hospitalization can contribute to long-term disability, which may have significant impact on individuals, families, health-care systems, and society. Improving the quality of life of preterm infants reduces long-term health costs related to preventable disabilities.

By tailoring individual nutrition, the Nutrium software improves the quality of life for the specific patient; saving the clinic time and money through time-efficient nutrition calculations; reducing follow-up costs for the healthcare system by minimizing preventable disabilities; creating a healthier population. As the late Hans Rosling, professor in international health, good health and economic growth are highly correlated. By improving patients’ health and creating a healthier population, Trients may contribute to both short-term value for the healthcare system and the clinic in terms of cost savings, but also contributes to economic growth, creating long-term value and benefiting society.

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United Nation's Sustainable development goals
#3 Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Our Aim

Our work is dedicated to enhancing the quality of neonatal healthcare and it facilitates the development of comparable quality registers that allow inter-hospital, regional, national and international comparisons. Technological and practical advancements are fundamental for making improvements in neonatal healthcare. In addition, a quality register function creates topics for discussion and facilitate the discovery of improvement areas. Information on quality of neonatal healthcare is vital for understanding and improving health outcomes. As nutritional care practices vary between hospitals and sometimes even within individual NICU’s, the use of Nutrium to generate quality registers promote implementation and evaluation of best practice recommendations and improving quality of healthcare.

Mortality of children under 5 years of age is arguably a strong indicator for national standard of living. Improving the chance for a healthy life for children not only creates a healthier and stronger population, but also spurs economic growth and societal development in the long-run. Children are our future. Seeing an increasing burden on families, societies and economies due to premature births, it is our calling at Trients to spread available technological advancements and lifting knowledge worldwide, increasing quality of neonatal healthcare and benefiting infants regardless of origin.


Henrik Domellöf
Chief Executive Officer
Directing the daily operations.