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Despite modern neonatal care, NICU patients, especially preterm, surgical and cardiac patients are at high risk of poor nutrient intakes, poor growth and suboptimal health outcomes. The presence of dosage prescription medication error in manual prescriptions suggests that manual prescriptions should be totally avoided in neonatal units. Computer-aided calculations is now recommended by European (ESPGHAN, EFCNI) guidelines.

Nutrium is a unique clinical decision support software with the purpose of optimizing the nutritional intake and growth of patients in the neonatal unit through individualized nutrition and nutrition calculation. The system takes both enteral and parenteral nutrition into account and is evidence-based to improve nutrition and growth of very preterm infants.

Standard in Swedish Neonatal Healthcare
Accounts for both enteral and parenteral nutritional intake
Excellent tool for meeting guidelines

Standard in Swedish Neonatal Healthcare








Daily Users

What Our Clients Say

“Since we started using Nutrium, we have a much better overview of our children’s nutritional intakes and growth”

Ulla Cerderholm


“A program that every pediatric dietician working with parenteral and/or enteral nutrition should have access to”

Wera Westin


“Nutrium has proven invaluable for quality improvement of neonatal nutrition in Sweden and is a great tool for inter-hospital, regional, national and international benchmarking”

Magnus Domellöf


“Nutrium makes my daily work much easier. I have worked with different nutritional prescription programs, but never with one as well designed as Nutrium”

Dirk Wackernagel


The Nutrium Software's Features

Based on Latest Evidence

Nutrium gives recommendations based on AI algorithms, with nutrient targets based on the latest scientific evidence. Following recommendations based on current evidence has been shown to significantly improve weight gain velocity.

Enteral & Parenteral intakes

Nutrium accounts for both parenteral and enteral nutritional intake as well as fluid intake.

Scientifically Proven

Nutrium is a well-proven clinical tool and is also very useful for quality improvement and clinical research.

User Friendly

Nutrium is a practical tool for daily enteral and parenteral nutrition prescriptions. No more time-consuming manual or spreadsheet calculations: The user-friendly, interactive Nutrium interface makes nutrient calculations easy and fun!

Multiple Nutrients & References

Nutrium considers all enteral and parental fluids, including all nutritional supplements and optional breast milk analyses. The system accounts for over 30 nutrients and allows for a choice of different nutrition references.

Clever Charts

The system shows regular and z-score growth charts of weight, length and head circumference with a choice of growth reference. Nutrium also includes informative graphs representing nutrient intakes over time.

Smart optimization

Nutrium offers patient specific, intelligent suggestions for optimized nutrition, based on advanced algorithms.

Quality Register

Information on quality of neonatal healthcare is vital for understanding and improving health outcomes. As nutritional care practices vary between hospitals and sometimes even within individual NICU’s, Nutrium offers an opportunity to create quality registers and improve healthcare quality. This allows for inter-hospital, regional, national and international comparisons.

Connect to your local pharmacy

Connect to your local pharmacy for the preparation of nutritional products. A secure prescription process of pre-prepared products guarantee a high level of safety for the patients and an efficient link between physician and pharmacy.

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A smooth tool for clinical research

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