Privacy Policy

At Trients, We care about your integrity!

In General

We at Trients believe that it is important that babies and guardians can feel safe with us helping them grow better. You should always feel at ease with us at your service. We want you to know that we handle all personal information in an adequate and safe way, all well in line with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We see GDPR as a good thing as it sets higher requirements for handling personal information and therefore provides greater protection for everyone. This means greater demands on us who handle customer data and personal data.


We only collect and process the personal information necessary to carry out our services and commitments, as we need access to certain personal data to be able to accomplish assignments in accordance with their descriptions. The policy comprises personal information such as clients of which Trients AB have business relations with and information offered by physical individuals.

We care about your personal integrity

All our staff are obliged to understand and work according to our personal data policy. “Personal data” refers to any information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to an identified or identifiable person through e.g. name, address, email, phone number and customer number.

We ensure that all processing occurs in accordance with the GDPR and other applicable laws or regulations governing the processing of personal data. We shall accept amendments and supplements necessary in order to fulfil any additional requirements of the GDPR or other applicable laws with respect of the processing personal information.

We are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is not kept for longer than is necessary for the purposes of the processing.

Data Controller or Data Processor

We are considered Data Controllers regarding personal data provided by the Customer for information such as name, organisational title, address, email, phone number and customer number. All personal information is handled in good faith as well as in accordance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy.

When processing personal data on the behalf of any Customer we are to be considered Data Processor. The GDPR requires a written Data Processing Agreement (DPL) when a part will process personal data on behalf of another party. Customers to whom we process data on behalf of can find this DPL in the Contract of Agreement signed by authorised personnel of both the Customer and Trients AB.

Gathering of personal information

We gather your personal information when you:

  1.  purchase any of our services or solutions,
  2.  request information,
  3.  pursue vacancies or report your interest in employment with us, or
  4.  visit any of our offices seeking contact with us, or in any other way meet us

Personal information received from others

If you are an employee or customer of on of our clients, we may also obtain your personal information from them for the purpose of carrying out an assignment. In these cases, we can be either personal data collector or personal data processor. To ensure protection of your rights in the processing of personal data in the cases when we do not collect personal data directly from you, but receive your personal information from the client, it is the client’s responsibility to inform you that your personal data has been transferred to us and is temporarily stored by us. You may at any point in time request which categories of personal data we store about you and if you wish us to delete such information, otherwise your data will be deleted upon the termination of the undertaken assignment to the client.